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At Emmy Jayne’s we are committed in ensuring our nursery practitioners are given every opportunity to improve their professional development whilst employed with us. We have a very supportive management team who work with practitioners to offer a variety of training courses, most of which are offered by North Yorkshire County Council, but we also bring in external professionals for ‘In House’ training sessions, particularly at times of change or when implementing new ideas and procedures.

We stipulate that all our permanent practitioners are qualified to at least Level 3, and work-based training is provided to achieve this for any practitioners who aren’t qualified when they come to us. The current requirements are that only 50% of the staff need to hold this qualification, but we want all our staff to feel confident and competent in their daily practise. Practitioners are supported throughout this course and assessed on their knowledge,  understanding and practical skills by an assessor, who ensures all work reaches required competence levels.

In order to support local colleges and training providers, we sometimes take on students, on long or short term placements. To maintain quality of care and ensure our high standards are never compromised, all students undertake an interview by the management team, and are required to complete Policy Quizzes and follow our own student placement plan. Students who are taken on are closely supervised, and never left alone with the children. Placements will be terminated should we feel they are unsuitable to continue for any reason.

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